Jessop Fertility is non-profit making and therefore we are able to offer a competitive package.

A list of current charges is show below. These charges include treatment related costs including HFEA fee (where appropriate), monitoring, HIV screening, early pregnancy monitoring and counselling.

We have no registration fees and no hidden charges.

Our price list is for self funding patients from January 2018

EXCLUDING - non-routine investigations, initial consultation fee, drug costs, embryo freezing and storage, and anaesthetic costs for patients who prefer to have egg collection under general anaesthesia.

When comparing costs, be sure that the quoted price includes all the above — ‘BEWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS´

Before you start your treatment cycle we will provide you with your personalised "costed treatment plan" which will outline exactly what you will pay for your cycle.

Please see below for more details of our terms and conditions.

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