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How To Be Referred

A visit to your GP is all that´s required

Your GP will review you and your partner´s medical histories. They will discuss your general health and wellbeing and plan any preliminary investigations, if they are needed.

You may need some routine blood tests to try and establish a diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with sub fertility by your GP or you suspect you might have fertility issues then Jessop Fertility is the right place for you.

Following referral by your GP you will usually be sent an appointment to attend the Infertility Clinic, Gynae out-patients which is based within the Jessop Wing (Level One).

Further investigations may be suggested before you are referred on to Jessop Fertility for a consultation with one of our fertility specialists.

Referral letters are only accepted from your GP or another medical professional.

All referrals follow the 18 week patient pathway — this means from referral to treatment is within this timeframe. If you are unsure and require advice please contact the unit 0114 226 8050 or use our online contact form