Rachel Cutting takes part in PET debate about IVF "add-ons"

Published: 31st March 2017

On Wednesday 29th March the Progress Educational Trust hosted an excellent debate about, "Fertility Treatment Add-ons: do they add up?" which Rachel Cutting, our Person Responsible and Principal Embryologist, attended and took part in.

The debate was organised in response to the discussion and interest raised after BBC1's recent Panorama programme, "Inside Britain's Fertility Business". The programme called into question how effective some IVF "add-ons" can be and how ethical it is to charge extra to patients for treatments that may not be proven to help their chance of having a baby.

It was attended by senior members of the HFEA and many other fertility professionals, and most UK clinics were represented at the lively evening discussion. The take home message from the debate was that many "add-ons" do not have a proven benefit to patients. However, some "add-ons" do appear to help patients achieve a pregnancy, such as time lapse embryo imaging and Embryoglue™.

At Jessop Fertility we are proud to offer time lapse embryo imaging and Embryoglue™ as part of your IVF or ICSI cycle at no extra cost. These have both been shown by the HFEA's independent scientific review to have scientific evidence to support their use in IVF. Each patient is considered individually and we will always use the vast expertise of our multidisciplinary team to provide a treatment that will give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Rest assured that here at Jessop Fertility we only advocate the use of treatments that are proven to work and we are continually involved in research studies to help us understand which treatments work best for particular groups of patients. Find out more about the research we are involved in here.


If you have any questions about "add-ons" then we are always happy to talk to you about the risks and benefits to you as an individual, please just ask!