Radio Sheffield visits Jessop Fertility labs

Published: 13th February 2017

Paulette Edwards from Radio Sheffield visited the Jessop Fertility labs to find out more about the state of the art technology that we use to give our patients the best chance of success.

Principal Embryologist, Rachel Cutting, welcomed Paulette last week to talk about the two different time lapse technology systems (Embryoscope and Primovision) that we offer to our patients free of charge.

These systems take photographs of the developing embryos every 10 minutes, which provides the embryologists with a film of the first few days of the embryos' life. Having this information helps our embryologists to select the best embryos to use for treatment, so that we can maximise the chance of success for each individual cycle.


The radio article was broadcast on Radio Sheffield on Tuesday 14th February. If you missed it you can listen here until Tuesday 14th March.


Please click here if you'd like to find out more about time lapse at Jessop Fertility.