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Time lapse technology at Jessop Fertility

New Technology at Jessop Fertility

One of the most challenging decisions for an embryologist is deciding which of your embryos gives the best chance of a successful pregnancy. Jessop Fertility has introduced the latest technology which may help to identify your embryo with the best implantation potential.

What is time lapse imaging?

There are many methods that we can use to asses your embryos, including counting the cells, and looking at their shape and how many cell fragments are present. Recent improvements in technology have led to the development of a new type of system which allows your embryos to be constantly monitored within an incubator. Cameras located within incubators take images of embryos approximately every 10 minutes without your embryos ever having to leave the incubator. Some embryos can develop too fast or too slow, or sometimes the embryos develop abnormally. This technology allows us to constantly monitor your embryos’ development.

What are the advantages of time lapse?

Keeping the embryos undisturbed: Conventional assessment of embryos is carried out by removing them from the incubator and examining them with a microscope. This is usually done once a day and takes no longer than a few minutes. Embryos are kept in incubators to maintain body temperature and conditions which allow the embryos to develop. However, when embryos are taken out of the incubator they are no longer in the optimum environment. One advantage of time lapse is, therefore, that the embryos can remain in a stable environment without being disturbed.

Improved embryo selection: There is some promising research which may indicate that time lapse technology can be used to help us identify the best embryo(s). This research looks at the specific timings of embryo development which can indicate the health of each embryo. Much research is still yet to be done to determine the clinical benefits of time lapse but initial studies do show some promising results.

Will everyone be offered the time lapse imaging?

We aim to use time lapse for the vast majority of our patients. However, if we don't have the capacity to use it for every patient on a particular day then we will assess each patient invividually and prioritise - time lapse benefits some patients more than others. Please feel free to ask your embryologist about time lapse when you come in for your egg collection.

Will I be charged for the time lapse technology?

No. This technology is part of your treatment and there will be no extra charge. Jessop Fertility has invested in two types of time lapse technology: Primovision™ and Embryoscope™.